Chakra Singing Bowls

This is our Chakra Singing Bowl table we custom built with wifi lightbulbs under each frosted crystal quartz singing bowl. Each color aligns with the coorisponding chakra.

Below are the links to some of the items from our collection. If you're interested in buying yourself some singing bowls, we highly recommend bowls tuned to 432Hz, not 400Hz.

The color of our bowls are frosted white. The color is coming from the RGB LED smart bulbs under the table. In the product list above, I included a link to another set of bowls that are solid colors too. We wanted to make a custom table with lights under each of the crystal singing bowls. We found some low tables from a nearby department store going out of business that worked as a good starting point. We bought two tables in case we messed one up while cutting the holes. We wanted to add lights under each bowl so they can glow their coorisponding chakra color. I placed the bowls in the position I wanted them in, and drilled holes through the table. I mounted wifi light bulbs under each bowl and in the wifi smart light app, I was able to assign each bulb to the specific note/chakra. With the app, I can make the bowls pulse colors, rotate colors, respond to sound, etc. All the lights are connected to an outlet cord for power, and I also made a spot under the table where I can reset my omni charge battery pack to make it so there is no cord coming out the side. But I usually just keep it plugged into the wall.

If you're interested in learning more about your chakras, check out our charka chart.

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