Gimbal won't power on - Simple Fix

My Crane 2 stopped powering on the other day. It has had a lot of use, been on a lot of trips and vacations, it's been in a lot of different kinds of weather, hot, freezing cold, and rain. The gimbal has recently been indoors for a while and has been working just fine. But one day, it just wouldn't power on. Zhiyun support on FB messenger said to check the voltage on the batteries and check the terminals for any oxidation. I have 3 sets of batteries, so I test all 9 of my 18650's, they were all fine. It's close to the Chinese New Year, or is it currently, so I figured I wouldn't have much luck with support for fast turn around on repairs. The plastic battery compartment that holds the 3 batteries is attached with 3 small screws to the base of the metal gimbal. I removed these screws to see a circuit board mounted on top of the battery holder, that probably just regulates & manages the batteries, but then 2 wires continued up into the gimbal housing. The solder joint on one of the wires had come loose, and simply needed to be re-heated. 10 second fix. Since there was plenty of solder on both the board and wire, I just used my soldering gun to heat up the existing solder and rejoin the wire. The gimbal is now working perfectly again.

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