Earth Day

Earth in Water

Hmmmm... what to say about this one... The quality of this image is probably the lowest quality I've ever uploaded. This is an underwater photo, I took this at night, in the freezing cold, outsize, with an underwater case on my camera... manual focus, so the focus isn't spot on, not very clean water, etc.. I hope to one day re-do this photo with the quality I was expecting when I envisioned it. Sometimes, I have this amazing idea in my head, and I get everything setup, and it just doesn't work as expected. I do like the end result, I just wish it was better quality. I'm sure the image resized on these sites look fine, but at 1:1 quality, it doesn't meet my standards.

I am a perfectionist. With almost everything in my life. So when I create these images, I want them to be perfect, even at 1 to 1 (full size). Keep in mind, I have a 21 megapixel camera, so these images (ALL my 365 images), in their full form are 5184x3456 pixels in size. Even though most people never even see my images at that size.. I do. And I like them to be the best I know I can do.. and with this image, I know I could of gotten a better result, had my circumstances been better.

The behind the scenes photo shows multiple lights facing the water. I ended up not using those lights at all. I originally wanted light rays coming through the water, but the globe light was so overpower and since I wasn't using snoots on my other lights, the rays weren't working. The final photo only used one light, and its in the globe.

So.. how I did this photo.. well, if you look at the behind the scenes, its pretty self explanatory.. I think. Pretty much, I stuck a white ball/globe (same globe from my 365 photo a couple days ago) underwater. The globe is attached to a light. And I took the photo underwater. This image is flipped, so the reflection you see / ripples, is the underside of the top of the water.

Lights triggered with RadioPopper JrX. Underwater case used was the DiCAPac dslr underwater case.

This photo was originally taken April 22, 2011 as part of my 365

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